My presentation


My name is Jérôme and I come from Lorraine in France.
Since my younger age, I always been passionated by videogames, computer science and creation that's why I would work in these aeras and I went to the University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard. I worked 4 years in a videogame company doing gameplay, engine and tool programmation for different platforms.


This school belong to a network of schools named University of Technology. There are three :

These schools train enginners in 5 or 3 years. Like you understand, admissions are with a Bachelor's degree in order to go in common core or two years after a Bachelor's degree
For me, I did 2 years in common cores, next, I chose my field. In this school, there are 5 fields :

We have to do two internships during studies. I did my first one at Perinfo to Strasbourg, who makes software for tourism.
I did my second one at LORIA to Nancy, a research laboratory in a team called ALICE working on image process. I upgraded their own software with different researches. Then I worked at Artefact studio, a videogame company where I did some developments for games, engine and tools.


I like to pratice sport especially tennis. I have been practising this sport for 8 years and I am actually ranked 15/4.
I have already teached tennis for childrens during my holidays.

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